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This is the index of an Onedrive public folder, hosted on Cloudflare workers.


Live demo: 📚 Toby's OneDrive Index


⏬ Download Proxy

Using Cloudflare servers as download proxies, in order to get higher speeds in mainland China.

☁️ Caching Support

To cache OneDrive files using Cloudflare CDN. There are two caching methods:

  • Full: files will be firstly transfered to Cloudflare servers and then to clients but large files may encoutner timeout error due to Cloudflare Worker executing constraints.
  • Chunk: streaming and caching but Content-Length can't be correctly returned

Enabling cache feature in configuration, caching method and the path for caching can be also configured.

New Features V1.1

The latest features are listed below. We'll try keep it up-to-date.


  • File icon rendered according to file type. Emoji as folder icon when available (if the first character of the folder name is an emoji).
  • Use Font Awesome icons instead of material design icons (For better design consistency).
  • Add breadcrumbs for better directory navigation.
  • Support file previewing:

    • Images: .png, .jpg, .gif .
    • Plain text: .txt .
    • Markdown: .md, .mdown, .markdown.
    • Code: .js, .py, .c, .json... .
    • PDF: Lazy loading, loading progress and built-in PDF viewer .
    • Music / Audio: .mp3, .aac, .wav, .oga .
    • Videos: .mp4, .flv, .webm, .m3u8 .
    • ...
  • Code syntax highlight in GitHub style. (With PrismJS.)
  • Image preview supports Medium style zoom effect.
  • Token cached and refreshed with Google Firebase Realtime Database. (For those I can't afford Cloudflare Workers KV storage. 😢)
  • Route lazy loading with the help of Turbolinks®. (Somewhat buggy when going from folder to file preview, but not user-experience degrading.)
  • ...

Under the hood

  • CSS animations all the way.
  • Package source code with wrangler and webpack.
  • Convert all CDN assets to load with jsDelivr.
  • No external JS scripts, all scripts are loaded with webpack! (Other than some libraries.)
  • ...


📁 LIB-HFI © Jason Liu. Released under the MIT License.

Authored and maintained by Jason Liu.

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